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Oc: Kurt Stone by WyllowDow Oc: Kurt Stone by WyllowDow
Hey! Here's my original character: Kurt Stone.




He is an angel.

Named Aël at first, he was a guardian and was in charge of protecting a french girl. Named Marie, she was born in the beginning of the 19th century. Aël's job was to protect her but without being seen by her. At first, he completely didn't care about his job and her but finally enjoyed taking care of the young girl. He followed her all her life, trying to make the best for her.

Finally, she died after her seventies from a natural death.


It completely destroyed Aël. After a really hard depression, he just gave up everything: His job, his home, his family, and he decided to exile himself… On earth, in the USA, as a human.

Arriving in the nineties, he was completely lost. The first thing he saw from human culture was a disk shop, where they were playing some Nirvana's and Rolling Stone's songs. He began soon to build his own fake identity. He changed his name and became Kurt Terrence Stone, juste because of Kurt Cobain and the Rolling Stone.

Due to his ability to play guitar, he improved a lot and began to play electric guitar, making of this is actual job.

He continued to live this way a long time, but at the beginning of the 2000s, other angels called him back and punished him to have ran away from home. They charged him with another job: Being a Cupid, the angel of love.

Now, Kurt still lives as a human in the USA (New-York exactly) but has to do a job he absolutely hate: making people love each other's.




He is: Talkative, impulsive, loud and loudmouth, messy, can be quickly rude and aggressive toward people. He is also really protective and generous, and has a special humor sense. He loves rock and metal, love playing guitar, which is actually his job with working in a Library. He also is a little like a redneck hehe.



Pretty much the drawing. Not tall, but yet not really short (1m70, around 5'6"), fat/chubby, brown hair and eyes. He likes wearing punk clothes but his librarian work doesn't allowed him to dress like that. He has two major expression: Smiling/laughing or a grumpy-yet-cute face.

As an angel, he gets really big white wings. He fuckin' loves them.


Hehe. I like him. I should do a real presentation of him.

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March 1, 2016
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